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Buckwheat song

Clara (to the tune, roughly of the Maisy theme song) (sung to her buckwheat cereal):

What you do today in my bowl?
Cock doodle doo.
I love you,

You need a kiss

[while Dad is changing Clara’s diaper for bed]

Dad: Who’s my girl?

Clara: Me!

D: And who’s your daddy?

C: Timothy John Weber. I kiss your fingers.

[kisses each finger on Dad’s left hand in turn] read more...

Say what?

[during some conversation about monkeys]

Timothy: We saw monkeys at the zoo.

Katherine: What?!

Timothy: Uh… what did you think I said?

Secret pants!

[Background note: Timothy’s birthday is coming up, and Katherine has been making something in great secrecy, banishing Timothy to his office for periods of time. (This is like banishing Brer Rabbit to the briar patch. But we digress.) —Ed.]

Clara: … Presents.
Timothy: Presents?

New media

Sneezy pumpkin

Some new photos are up on the Gallery - both miscellaneous Fall people shots and a separate album for Halloween shots (and I assume I’ll have more tomorrow). I’m particularly excited about the sneezy pumpkin that Clara, Katherine and I made today, and about the new video I’ve finally managed to figure out how to publish from my camera phone.

I think I’ve got stuff set up correctly now so that new additions to the Gallery will automatically show up on the left side of this site. This without a single line of code, because Gallery publishes changes in RSS and Drupal can subscribe to them. Did I mention Drupal rocks?

New pictures

New pictures, mostly of Clara of course, are up in the Gallery. These include shots from my new camera phone. The picture quality isn’t great, but it sure is handy that I’ve always got it with me.

Green cup

C: Want sumpin’a drink.
K: OK… here’s some water.
(hands her a green plastic cup)
C: Green cup. Deacon Darby! Deacon green cup; Darby blue cup.
K: Uh, yeah, it is the same kind of cup they used when they came over for dinner…
T: … two weeks ago?!

Breakfast conversation with Mom

This is what Mommy and I were talking about this morning. Mom wrote it all down word for word, so I guess it’s probably true! (C = me, K = Mommy, for reasons I don’t really understand. I mean, how could “Mommy” start with the “kuh” sound?? I swear, I’m not even two, and I can already tell that English is a broken language.)

C: Clara’s napkin! Pick it up — a big one! (while picking up a cottage cheese curd)
(C notices K bring in a small notebook that C has been drawing in lately)
C: Clara’s book! I want it! That’s mine!
K: Oh, I’m sorry. Can I write in it?
C: That’s mine, that’s mine!

Cat dream

Last night I dreamed that Buddy was taking a bath outside my window.

Here’s a little piano playing from this evening.


I asked Dad for a piano sound today. Then I strummed on the guitar with my pick, and then I bonked the pick on the drum pad a little. Here’s what it sounded like:

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