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Front page above the fold again

The local paper doesn’t keep their archives available very long, but here it is.

Second time in three years! Small town, I guess.


Clara begins her useful career as additional memory space for Dad’s brain.

(Clara is setting a play table.)

Clara: Heeeere’s your lunch, Dad.

Dad: Thanks! What is it?

C: It’s soup!

D: Mmm. What’s in this soup?

C: Noodles, and cheese, and… beans and…

D: Carrots?

C: Yes.

D: And split peas? I like split peas.

C: Yes!

D: And, uh… um… what are those white things that look like carrots… you know, they’re so good in soup… what’s the word, I can never remember it…

C: Parsnips?

D: Yes! Parsnips!

C: Yes!

Don't Panic

[Clara is drawing lots of letter H’s on her chalkboard.]

Katherine: Hey, do you want to try drawing some letter K’s?

Clara: Don’t panic, Mom, I’m just drawing H’s right now.

Best Toy

Clara: Daddy, you’re my best toy.

Timothy: Aw, thanks!

C: Come, toy!

[frantic arm gestures]

C: I’m playing with you!

Eleven Roses

Rose #12

Clara and I often get smiles from strangers as we walk through town, with Clara riding in her backpack, singing and swinging her feet. It was a great feeling that she was so happy: just three days ago she woke up from her nap with a fever of 106 degrees, and spent a traumatic evening in the emergency room. read more...

Hickory Dickory Hat

[Clara is playing. Her mom has given her a small irregularly-shaped piece of leftover fabric with the ends stitched together; she wears it on her head and calls it a hat. She sees a toy clock on a shelf. Starts moving its hands around. Sings:]

Hickory, dickory, dock.
A mouse run up the clock.

[Clara’s “hat” falls off her head. Still singing, in tune:]

My hat fall off,
A mouse run down,
Hickory, dickory, dock.

Portrait of Dad

Portrait of Dad

I draw a face. That’s a beard onna bottom. Dad’s beard! It’s Daddy!

Cayuga Lake II

Cayuga Lake II

“I draw our lake again.” [Definite sense of wanting something more from the previous work. Dad helped selecting tools and gave general guidance on where to put the water and trees by gesturing; Clara did all drawing with Wacom tablet.]

Cayuga Lake I

Cayuga Lake I

“I draw our lake.” [Topic declared; An underwater image, I think. Dad helped select tools; all drawing by Clara in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet.]

Australia zoo

[contains many references to the Wiggles DVD Wiggly Safari and the song “Wobbly Camels”]

C: [singing] Wobbly camel walking by…

T: [singing] With padded hooves and hooded eye…

C: Camels at Buffalo Zoo.

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