“Do you believe in a love at first sight?/Yes, I’m certain that it happens all the time.”

Well, of course it does. Sometimes, unconditional love just occurs, with no discernible reason, no excuse for lowering the defenses, and no way to put them back up.

Love at first sight can take many forms. Sometimes it comes (at least to me) in dreams, and I spend the next day a bit dazed and moody and yearning. Sometimes it leads to romance, and sometimes marriage. Sometimes it becomes a life-long friendship, and there are so many kinds of those—best buddies, Platonic friends with never-practical and never-mentioned possibilities, faithful pen pals, magically fluid artistic co-creators, dear pets, and even landscapes we can never leave.

And, sometimes, we encounter an other, feel those defenses fall and complete acceptance rise up, put out our hands and touch, and know, and believe—and then circumstances are played out and we are separated, with no indication that we’ll ever encounter each other again. There’s sadness in that, but also a still-amazed sense of wonder that it happened at all, and a lasting sense of warmth that the other is out there, somewhere, and that the connection will always be available if circumstances change.


tjw: classical guitar, various vocal sounds, whistling, synthesizers.

Bradford Smith: alto saxophone