A tribute to my annual campout.

Written in 2018, recorded in 2019 for the 20th annual.


There's a whispering little forest that is much beloved by birds
And by frogs and efts, occasionally deer
And by People dreaming winter dreams
Planning Hector For The Heck Of It this year

There's a lot to worry over (though less as years go by)
The gear, the food, the stars to be aligned
Reservation, transportation, invitations far and wide
We've got Hector FTHOI in mind

Then when summer drags on muggy and the stars are soon to fall
Sometime before (or after) August 10
The People come to the whispering green
And to Hector FTHOI again

Once the sites are found, the food's arranged, the water station's set,
The tents are pitched, we've unpacked all the gear
Then The People share and light the fire     
And HFTHOI is here

    I can't say all the People do - 
    Well, they:
    Serve and volley,
    Cook and eat,
    Walk and talk,
    Play and laugh,
    Watch and listen,
    And sing and float and dive -
    But it's affectionate, spontaneous serendipity
    That makes HFTHOI alive
Then by Sunday lunch the volleyball is struck and packed away
With the tents and grills and cooking pots, and then
The People say their tired farewells
To Hector FTHOI again (and again)
To Hector FTHOI again (come again?)
We'll come to Hector FTHOI again


tjw: guitar, bass, vocals, tambourine, kazoo
photo: Red Eft by Michael Righi