Big picture, lying in bed.

This began with a dream from the perspective of an ancient Roman citizen, wife of a merchant, writing a letter to her cousin in the country. The point was that her life was pretty much the same as mine - same concerns, same events, similar rhythms.

Then I started to write, and all the Roman stuff disappeared, though I think she could say all this just as well as I can.

I tried to use only words on XKCD’s “ten thousand” most common English words. The exceptions: blur, evening, linger, glow. Those still seemed simple enough.


i open my eyes
to the morning glow
i know i must rise
but i’m feeling slow
i’m feeling slow
and my love is near
before the day blurs together
i would linger here
i would linger here

i linger here
then i rise and go
as the day blurs together
there’s one thing i know
my love i know
when the day moves fast
it turns on the center
and it slows at last
it slows at last

life slows at last
in the evening glow
the sun must pass
so the moon can show
the moon will show
through clouded skies
as the days blur together
and i close my eyes
i’ll close my eyes

    i linger here
    when my love is near
    but the moon must rise
    and then i’ll close my eyes
    as the days blur together
    i’ll close my eyes


tjw: acoustic guitar, vocals