Written as I walked to work. A goose was flying overhead. My uncle was dying, and I was thinking about my memories of him, and about how mysterious memory is, and how we create them for each other, and what going away really means. What’s the difference between a memory, a dream, a plan, and the present moment? Sounds like the beginning of a Buddhist joke. Also, my friends were also working on opening a souvenir store, and we had been talking about what makes a good souvenir.

So this song is a souvenir for you, to remember me by, some introspective slow-singing guy who seems to keep on writing the same songs…


    when you go, take me with you
    i will stay and keep you here
    what we have comes from each other
    back and forth, returning down the years
    we’re just exchanging souvenirs

wild goose honking up above me
about migrations long ago
or does she sing of where she’s going
or joke about me down below?

what if there’s no difference?
maybe all our favorite songs
join our memories and dreams to this moment
maybe the goose just - honks!


i remember when i met you
though i forget a lot of things
remember talks, and walks in new places
and when we laugh, and when we sing

what exchange is going on
that changes now to memory?
that binds me up in who you are,
and makes you a part of me?

    we’re just exchanging souvenirs
    i don’t know if there’s anything else we can do but exchange souvenirs


tjw: acoustic guitar (Martin D-28 and Seagull), electric bass, vocals, couscous in a Ball jar