I wrote the first verse of this song in an online chat conversation. That may not seem remarkable, but consider that it was in 1987, when only 10,000 computers were on the Internet, before either the World Wide Web or IRC.

The conversation took place on mainframe computers at IBM, where my friend Betsy and I were (supposed to be) working.

The first line was in response to the question, “but why would you?” I don’t remember what preceded that.

This track was first released on the flower grandchildren’s lullabies in 1989.


  who speaks of ‘would’
  when it is endless ride
  always on the window,
  and always on the aisle

      i’ll ride till i find her
      there next to me

  the 12-string alone with me,
  wool coat and hat
  here again the Buddha,
  and hear again the laugh

      i’ll ride till i find her
      sitting next to me


tjw: 12-string guitar, electric guitar, vocals