A song about not being able to write a song about it… with a show-don’t-tell ending.

Studio folk: if you’re wondering how I got the sitar sounds at the end, I used a sitar.


if i put all that's true
about how things are and how they've been between me and you
in a song
they'd all doubt me;
they'd get mad,
and say i was wrong.

    because i am not a unicorn,
    and you are not a goddess,
    i guess;
    except i know you are.
    and you and i together
    are not the center of the universe;
    except -
    that is what we are.

and if i told how it goes
when you walk in the room, and what happens to my toes
in a song -
and i sang it -
to an audience - i wouldn't last too long

when i write this song
i'll try not to ramble on
i have to tell the truth,
but tell it slantwise or nowise
and i can't talk about your eyes at all...
or maybe i'll just play, after all.


tjw: classical, electric, and 6- and 12-string guitars, electric bass, ukulele, drum pads, organ, sitar, vocals