A weird little side trip about the movie Poor Things.

I was lying awake at 3 am thinking about names that had good sequences of chord letters in them, and realized that Bella Baxter goes B-E-A, B-A-E, which seemed like an interesting sequence.

So, I had to write a song about Poor Things, which I had just seen with Clara, and since it was written from a woman’s perspective, it seemed right to have her sing it.


I am my mother’s daughter
As he’s his father’s son
But I have known my mother’s heart
As no one else has done.
I sailed away for freedom,
For love, and for to run
Now I’ve seen all that men can do,
And not yet twenty-one.

The mist upon the river
The cold in which I sank
Then God the savior dragged me through
The mud upon the bank
But was I raised to heaven,
Or carried down to hell?
You may believe these stories;
I know not how to tell.

I’ve held my mother’s hands in mine
Well more than anyone
I’ve known my mother’s skin and blood
As no one’s ever done.
Now she and I together
Sit barefoot in the sun
I am my mother’s daughter,
As God’s his father’s son.


Clara Weber: vocals

tjw: acoustic and electric guitars, synths