A happy a cappella song featuring heavy breathing, chest pounding, and lyrics from the back of a condiment package.

And a true story. Occurred and written down in spring of 1990, recorded by Andrew Rappaport in the counting the moon sessions in June 1992 in a few takes, while grinning madly. I found out long afterwards what “shinshu honzukuri miso shiro” means.


    shinshu honzukuri miso shiro

i was eating a miso-mustard sandwich (my favorite),
and reading the box it came in (the miso).
it was written in japanese (phonetic),
which i can’t read (pathetic),
so all i know are the words

my pronunciation may be awful,
and i expect it is,
’cause all i know of Japanese
i learned from menus and cookbooks.


tjw: vocals, chest pounding, hand claps.