A love poem about a breeze that falls in love with the lake it touches, but is (apparently) unrequited.

She was an air sign, I’m water. It all felt symbolic. Also I was riding my bike a lot where I could see Cayuga Lake stretching out, and feeling the autumn winds. This recording took three completely separate tries over many months before it sounded good to me.


the breeze lightly dances along the lake’s water
it sighs, and it laughs, and it giggles and cries
it gently caresses, it weeps, and it offers
and the water but quietly ripples replies.

do not think that the lakewater loves not the lakewind
though through her affections he calmly remains
for he’ll secretly rise to the clouds, dancing with her;
then lovingly fall through her body as rain.

o my dear, like the wind you can dance with the sunrise
while my own waters ripple, reflecting it all
in the warm and clear sunlight i’ll rise and be with you
and there i’ll remain ’till the heavens’ tears fall.


tjw: 12-string guitar, guitar synth, synth drums, vocals