a thousand voices

Hearing voices might make you wonder if you’re going crazy. But what if you find someone else who’s getting the same message?


fire from the dark

A collage of phrases from myths about grief, descent and return, punishment, and what we can bring back from the depths.


the mighty fallen

Meditation on the new year, transitions, new and old human problems, and a melody from a dream a few weeks ago.


side by side

A meditation on the passage of a lifetime, witnessing each other, and hearing our own internal witness.


living downstream

I wrote this when my daughter was in kindergarten, and recorded it just after she left for college.


wood stove sounds

Thoughts during a meditation retreat. Just because you’re silent doesn’t mean you can’t eat yummy food with your friends.



A love poem about a breeze that falls in love with the lake it touches, but is (apparently) unrequited.


come to me

An upbeat song about the empty times. The yearning to be filled, which makes our lives vibrant, requires that emptiness.


timothy john weber