No big deal, just sending the daughter back to college after winter break.

An homage to the country rock scene of my youth.


your bags are packed and by the door
where they've sat in years before
i can't count the times we've said goodbye
well add another tally mark
to the paper bag around my heart
cause today again you'll vanish from my eyes

on the porch we look for phrases
that we haven't said before
then we turn and see your carriage has arrived
now you're going out that gate
cause your road is running late
so it's time for me to turn and walk inside

    i hope i see a backward glance and a smile
    but i know that it's past time for you to run
    if we share a little wave goodbye
    then I'll see you on the far side of the sun.

i know it is our destiny
to keep connections we can't see
and I know that this is not our last goodbye
so now that you are gone away
I'll find tomorrow from today
but first i think there's something in my eye 


tjw: 12-string, 6-string, and electric guitar, bass, vocals