New Year meditation on invasions.

This came out of the prompt “star” from the Ithaca Songwriting Challenge. It kicked off at midnight on New Year’s, and my friends Kathi, Noky, and Laura were graciously interested to hear what the prompt was. We tossed some ideas around, then I walked home, and had the first verse down by the time I was in the door, and the rest after about 30 minutes.

My old friend Kate Khosla kindly lent her beautiful voice!


across all this new land
in the blink of an eye
(all creatures now living
one day must die)
with no explanation
no reason why
an explosion of starlings
lights the night sky

if all the invaders'
consciences could arise
(you may be forgiven
if you think that it's wise)
a spontaneous correction
no reason why
all the kudzu combusts 
and the soft gray ash flies

(and now what of me, dear?)
and now what of you?
(it stretches no limits
if we join in too)
we run in our billions
and we long for the sea
would the old ones remember
these yous and these mes?

    an explosion of starlings
    an explosion of starlings
    an explosion of starlings


tjw: accordion sample, electric guitar, vocals
Kate Khosla: vocals