A happy ode to sitting still.

The title and chorus for this song came to me in early 1990 just after I finished up my previous album, the flower grandchildren’s quiet transformation. I knew at that point that it was going to be the title track for my next album, but it wasn’t until two years later, when I had most of the remaining songs for that album written, that I got down to writing the verses for this one. During those years I was diligently sitting quietly for a half hour each morning, often accompanied by my cat. It was a nice thing to do. I liked to keep in mind how silly meditation is, in a cute kind of way - it helped keep me from putting on airs about it (at least a little). This song is definitely from that viewpoint.


A short time ago, a guru was speaking with a student. 
She said, “Count your breaths.” 
The student said, “But there are so many, I’ll lose count.”

The guru said, “Okay.
“Count the moon then.”

The student said, “But there’s only one moon.” 
The guru said, “Oh, is there?” 
The student said, “Yeah.” 
The guru said, “Okay.”

“Then when you finish, start over.”


    i’m sitting here counting the moon:
    one moon and one maple tree.
    i’m just sitting here counting the moon.
    if you want to help out, come sit by me.

i’ve seen new york’s colors in october.
i’ve had carolinan hotcakes with pecans (no: pecahns).
i rode a pony in the black hills,
and i’ve felt the desert sun;
there’s still no place i’d rather be than where i am.

    so i’ll just keep on sitting here…
    i’ll keep on sitting here…

you may wonder if it’s kind of boring,
going back to zero every time i get to one.
go ask the maple tree, she’ll tell you:
no two ones are quite the same,
and every moment, here and now has just begun.

    so i keep on sitting here…
    i keep on sitting here…

i’ve got a Red Delicious apple in my pocket,
that i picked this afternoon, right from the tree.
it says, “i’m so crisp and juicy!
“eat me, right down to my core!”
i may do that, later on. we’ll see.

they say variety’s the spice of life,
and i agree. i think i’ve got quite a bit.
sometimes i sit and count the moon;
sometimes i sit and count the tree;
other times… i just sit.

    right now, i’m sitting here…
    and i think i’ll keep on sitting here…

    i’ll just keep on sitting here…
    i’ll keep on sitting here…
    if you want to help out, come sit by me.
    i sure would love your company.
    come over here, sit right by me.


tjw: 12-string guitar, vocals, bass, electric guitar