An upbeat song about the empty times. The yearning to be filled, which makes our lives vibrant, requires that emptiness.

This song is part of an ongoing theme of songs that can be interpreted either romantically or spiritually - as serenade or bhajan. This one leans toward the spiritual, as I’d been spending time sitting with a statue of Shiva given me by a friend’s family’s Indian guru, and reading devotional Shaivite poetry. But relationship emptiness and spiritual emptiness are different sides of the same coin, and the desire to have that emptiness filled in - now! - is the same desire.


on a Saturday night,
i get a little bit lonely
for your love.
on a cloudy day,
i get a little bit hungry
for your love.

    come to me
    fill me up with your love
    come to me
    i want to taste what i’ve been dreaming of

when i listen hard,
i can hear your love songs
in my heart.
and sometimes
i try to sing them,
but with only one voice, lord,
it sure is hard.

i find it hard to trust
that the empty spaces
are part of you.
and sometimes
i try to close them up
instead of leaving them open
to let the light on through.

when i’m sitting in the dark,
and there’s no one to call
and nothing to do,
you make a little spark:
and then my whole heart’s burning,
and i’m alive in you.

fill me up with your love!
burn me up with your love!
replace me with your love, sweet love…
i want to wake up
and find what i’ve been dreaming of.


tjw: electric guitar, bass, guitar synth, synth drums, vocals