A palimpsest of many relationships, mostly other people’s.

It felt like an epiphany to be able to write a relationship song that wasn’t autobiographical. This song is influenced by elements from many lives, including mine, but it’s not about a particular person.

No offense to Michigan! It’s just a detail that points to elements from the lives of L. and J.P. and H. and D., as well as songs by Simon & Garfunkel and the Milk Carton Kids.


    No matter how we dance around,
    we do what we will do.
    You can't go back to Michigan,
    and I can't go back to you.

We made a home without a heart;
we thought that faith would do.
But the cold wins out eventually,
and the coldness gets colder too.

You told me you were on your own,
owed nothing to any man
But as we went, we found your debts,
till you had all you can.

We built a house, became a nest,
became a hideaway,
became a fortress where you could rest,
and I think that's where you'll stay.

We shared a laugh, we shared a song,
we shared our hearts' delight
With all we shared now come to pass
Good night, my girl, good night.

    You can't get back to Michigan,
    and I can't get back to you.
    You can't get over Michigan,
    and I can't get over you.


tjw: electric guitar, classical guitar, bass, organ, drum sample pad, vocals