The Rose and the Daisy

I got my daughter a lap dulcimer for her birthday in… 2007 maybe? Then, of course, I fooled around with it some. One day I was playing this. Clara asked what it was called, and I said I didn’t know - had just made it up - and she could name it. We had been talking about how nice daisies were, and how roses got more respect but in some ways I preferred the daisies - friendly, gregarious, long-lasting. And so she said “It’s ‘The Rose and the Daisy!’”.

Last week her kindergarten class had a field trip to a flower shop. They wanted to make a flower shop in the kindergarten room, and so their teacher solicited names for the shop. I saw the list of candidates, and said, “Oh, ‘The Rose and Daisy’ - this must be Clara’s entry.” The teacher asked how I knew, and when I told the story, asked me to come in and play the song. So I did, and Clara played “Twinkle, Twinkle,” and the kids enjoyed it. And then “The Rose and the Daisy” got the most votes and became the name of the class’s flower shop. I had no idea I was campaigning!

And then some of the kids thought it would be cool to have the eponymous song playing when customers came into their shop. So, here we are. I did the initial recording in the living room with a Zoom H4n recorder, so it’s a little noisy, but I don’t mind and I hope you don’t either.


tjw: lap dulcimer

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