Solstice 2007

PrayBot 2007 photo

For the Summer Solstice this year, I refined last year’s PrayBot project by making it more efficient and robust, and again had it running in our city center at noon. The weather cooperated, and so did the gadget, and the people were great. Success!

This year’s model, in addition to upgrading the solar engine, added a rigid coupler instead of a friction drive that I ended up with last year (after my coupler broke off). I also added more protection to the solar panel, so I didn’t have to jury-rig the wiring as I did last year when it broke in transit.

So, the PrayBot operated smoothly and efficiently. A number of people stopped by to ask what it was, for which I was very grateful, and my friends Candace and Frank brought me lunch and kept their usual good company. A highly successful event - making me even more grateful for the sun and all this other stuff it’s attracted clustered up into a dirty wet ball that makes so much fun possible.

More photos are in the gallery.