Timothy Timothy

My dear folks! And my dear folkies. You know who you are.

I was born with a condition: there is always music in my head.

Sometimes the music gets out.

Some of that music has made some of you smile, laugh, dance, sigh, cry, or feel better about being where you are. That makes my heart feel full and makes music feel like a meaningful thing to spend my time on.

So, I’ve tried to get some of the spirit of that music into recordings, and this site is mostly a place to hold them and help you play them, however you like to do that.

Peace and hugs.

How to listen to my songs

When a new recording is ready to hear, I put it first on SoundCloud. Then I may update it as I listen to it in different places and adjust the mix.

I post it here at the same time. Okay, a few minutes later. You can press the green Play buttons on this site to play tracks directly from SoundCloud.

I’ll put a song on Bandcamp when it’s pretty stable. The nice thing about Bandcamp is that you can purchase tracks and albums there, which pays me actual money and gives you a digital file you can keep forever.

Once I’m positive everything is done, done, done, then I’ll post it to all the other streaming sites. They don’t really like for you to change things.

And since they don’t really differentiate between a single and an album of one song, sometimes I’ll hold songs for a while until the whole album is ready, because that’s the way things worked when I was a kid and so it feels right.


You can email me about things you think might be of value. My address is my first and last initials, at this domain.

Timothy squinting Timothy squinting