Australia zoo

[contains many references to the Wiggles DVD Wiggly Safari and the song “Wobbly Camels”]

C: [singing] Wobbly camel walking by…

T: [singing] With padded hooves and hooded eye…

C: Camels at Buffalo Zoo.

T: I don’t know if they have camels there. We couldn’t go last weekend because it was too…

C: Cold. Camels at [Au]stralia Zoo.

T: That’s true, they do have them there!

C: We go to ‘stralia Zoo?

T: Well, maybe we could go to the Australia Zoo someday.

C: Yeah! See Steve, The Crocodile Hunter.

T: Yup, he’s there!

C: And the Wiggles! In the Big Red Car! And Dorothy the Dinosaur!

T: Yes… the Wiggles aren’t at the Australia Zoo all the time, though.

C: But Steve is.

T: True, he is.

C: He ride a camel. And Captain Fe[ather]sword ride a camel. Did you ride a camel yesterday [= any time in the past], Daddy?

T: No, I don’t think I’ve ever ridden a camel.

C: And Mom didn’t ride a camel yesterday?

T: No, I don’t think she has either.

C: I ride a camel. At the zoo!

T: You certainly could. I bet it would be fun. They’re pretty big, though!

C: Yes. They have a saddle though.

T: Good point, that makes it easier.

C: I use a ladder to climb up. So it’s safe.

T: That’s a great idea! A ladder would be perfect.