Dinosaur book

[Clara is looking at a dinosaur book.]

Clara: I know what this says: “Rocky… Records. How… do we… k-now? kunnou?

Timothy: ‘Know.’ That’s a weird one - a silent K that makes the O say its name.

C: “How do we know… what dinosaurs… looked… like?” On this page there’s the skeletons. I think this skeleton is from this dinosaur. See, Dad?”

T: Which one? Can you turn back to that other page?

C: This one here and… this one.

T: Hm, you think those are the same?

C: Yes, because look, there’s this long bone here, on top of its head.

T: Oh yes! Yes, I think you’re right.

C: This one I think is in the ankylosaur family. Because it looks like one, but it doesn’t have the ball on its tail.

T: Well, that makes sense to me.