Musings on life, love, longing. All these songs were first recorded on analog tape from 1987 - 2000.

This is a retrospective of my favorites from the previous two albums, plus some new recordings. CDs were how people were listening to music in 2000, and my previous counting the moon was too long to fit on a CD. And I wanted to remaster the old songs, and fix things that had always bothered me. So the theme here is “songs from the analog age” - all these songs were first recorded on analog tape, even the new ones. Released February 2000.

Title change

The title was admittedly a little confusing to use when describing the album to people. Then, when I re-released it to streaming platforms in 2022, a clerical error changed the title to the name of the first song, keep rolling down river. When I saw it, I felt like that was probably the better title - so many of the songs are about water - and it was going to be hard to change… so that’s how you’ll see it on streaming services.