Recordings of my own songs, usually as MP3 files, as well as discussion of progress made in recording new and old stuff and posting it here.


3:42 minutes (3.41 MB)

Clara and I wrote and recorded this for the Fall Creek Elementary School Talent Show, and she lip synced it with friends Ava, Clare, Grace, Nuala, and Tivona. It's a parody of "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz - see the (child-inappropriate) video on YouTube. I think it has to do with the similarities between the two most virulent parasites of childhood: pediculosis and Top 40 radio earworms.

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1:56 minutes (1.77 MB)

For Tom and Leela. Written and recorded this morning.

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When The Man Jumps Down

4:59 minutes (4.57 MB)

First track off of the 10 10! album, recorded live by my old band, God And Country, at the Risley coffeehouse at Cornell University on October 10, 1987. The song is about a time when all the Jesuses on all the crucifixes across the country shake loose and jump down. They then walk to the sea and jump in, prompting thousands of people to follow them.

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rainy sunday afternoon

4:15 minutes (3.89 MB)

I improvised this while playing guitar for my daughter while she took her bath, one rainy Sunday in 2008, having just driven home from my wife’s cousin’s wedding in Vermont. I was just singing what was going on. Then it seemed worth remembering.

It took two years to get it recorded. The rain storm recording was from last night, after I spent most of the day finishing the solo guitar and bass tracks.

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The Rose and the Daisy

3:23 minutes (3.1 MB)

I got my daughter a lap dulcimer for her birthday in… 2007 maybe? Then, of course, I fooled around with it some. One day I was playing this. Clara asked what it was called, and I said I didn’t know - had just made it up - and she could name it. We had been talking about how nice daisies were, and how roses got more respect but in some ways I preferred the daisies - friendly, gregarious, long-lasting. And so she said “It’s ‘The Rose and the Daisy!’”.

Last week her kindergarten class had a field trip to a flower shop. read more...

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'A' You're Adorable

2:43 minutes (2.49 MB)

I recorded this quickly for my daughter’s kindergarten class to practice with. We performed it together at the All-School Program on 12 Feb 2010. Lots of kids sang along! That’s Clara and Katherine shouting the alphabet. My good recording gear wasn’t working, so this is recorded on a cheap condenser mic and a Sound Blaster card.

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Living Downstream

2:57 minutes (2.7 MB)

I have now officially given up trying not to write songs about water. Maybe it’s because they always come to me in the shower? read more...

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Space Girl

3:07 minutes (2.86 MB)

Clara sang the chorus of this song to herself during her bath one Sunday after spending much of the afternoon exploring outer space. I wrote the verses. We recorded it a cappella - including all the sound effects.

Recorded May 2, 2009 in honor of Pam Weber’s birthday. Hope we can sing with you soon!

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Finally getting albums posted

I’ve now got the first batch of songs moved over from my old music page. It’s my most recent album (now nine years old), called off line. Took me a while to work out the right way to represent songs and albums in the Drupal content management system, but now it’s all quite easy to deal with and I hope that (and my weakness for shiny new technologies) will help accelerate the process.

off line

off line cover

This CD, confusingly titled off line, is a retrospective of my favorites from the last two albums, plus some new things. (Hey, one of the nice things about not having a recording contract is that you’re free to revise the past and edit out the songs you’re tired of!) It was time for a CD, and counting the moon was too long as it was… And I wanted to remaster the old songs, and fix things that had always bothered me. So the theme here is “songs from the analog age” - all these songs were first recorded on analog tape, even the new ones. read more...

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