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Design documents


It was immediately apparent when we installed the SleepLight that it caused a lot of noise on the baby monitor. Investigation revealed that it was caused by the switching power supply, a canned wall-wart-style supply that I think was putting audio-frequency noise onto the mains circuit in the room, which was then picked up by the transmitter and broadcast. Installing a ~20-year old power filter module from my junk box between the wall wart and the mains outlet reduced the noise substantially.

Another issue is that when my computer is off, and no longer broadcasting an authoritative time signal (synchronized periodically with well-known Internet time servers), the SleepLight is supposed to get a backup signal from the DimBot, which now keeps quite accurate time by itself. This backup signal doesn’t seem to be getting through, so the SleepLight’s inaccurate clock drifts as much as a half hour in a single day. So for now, I’m just leaving the computer on until I get a chance to diagnose that.



I forgot to add - the project was a complete success as far as its goals. Clara now comes in to our room in the morning triumphantly saying “My SleepLight is all green!”, she bounds up the stairs to see if it’s all red yet at bedtime and is equally pleased when it is, and she has added the word ‘pixel’ to her vocabulary. (I have always called her ‘my pixel’; now she’s also ‘my free pixel.’)