PIC-based solar engine (PICSE) 2007

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  • Tuning IC1’s trip voltage to suit the motor and PV panel (not as important, but helpful).

  • Probably using a control method that uses very little current while charging and almost none while running.

The binary for the PIC’s firmware is attached below; source (in SourceBoost C) or programmed chips are available on request.

PrayBot firmware - source and binary38.05 KB



Could you please email me a copy of your firmware for this pic solar engine. I would be very interested in trying it out and comparing it to the EZSE.

Thank You, Gene


I’ve attached it here, but I can’t e-mail it to you without your address… If you want more, let me know!

Source Code

Hi, thanks for the hex file. Is it possible for you to email me the source code? (gururise AT gmail DOT com)

Thank You, Gene


I emailed it to Gene, and have updated the zip file here with source for anyone else interested.

Did you try a miller SE?

Did you try a miller SE?


No, I didn’t have a 1381 around and had all the other parts. It would be interesting to compare. The MOSFET was more efficient than the BJT in my tests back then. And I spent a little time tuning the PIC’s switching thresholds to what worked best with this particular motor.