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directa opzioni binarie Other sites of mine:

  • opzioni binarie quali rischi My old home page - I’m not putting anything new here, but it’s still taking me a while to move all the old content off of it. It will probably stay up forever because there are so many links out there to the WAVE file stuff, including the StripWav program.

  • opzioni binarie tsinvesting My photo gallery - Too many gigabytes to keep it here, so it’s on my office server. But I haven’t updated it since the arrival of Facebook (mainly because I get comments on FB and none here!).

  • real estate construction loans Six Mile Creek Systems - Home of Springboard, the storyboard editor. I began Springboard as a hobby in 1998 for my own use, and have been working on it as a business since 2003.

  • easy approval payday loans in memphis tn Store It Cold - My other job. Home of the CoolBot, a gadget I created for a friend in 2006 that lets you make a walk-in cooler out of an insulated room plus a consumer air conditioner. Now used by tens of thousands of small farmers worldwide, as well as florists, hunters, convenience stores, and more.

  • payday loans in green hills Robert Maciel Associates - My other-other job. I began working on their main product, Maciel Prenatal Interpreter (MPI) in 2006, and bought the company in 2011. MPI does the data collection and statistical calculations for medical labs to screen for fetal Down syndrome and other genetic problems, via a maternal blood test in the first or second trimester of pregnancy.

  • SHIP - South Hill Ithaca Pollution, my open database of toxic chemical test results for the neighborhood where I used to live.

  • Fall Creek School PTA - the parent/teacher association for my daughter’s elementary school. I am co-secretary and Guy Who Does Internet Things.