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Troubleshooting Rule #5: What don't you know?

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  1. “Dang it, I can’t solve this problem, because I lack X piece of information.”
  2. “Therefore, I could maybe solve this problem if I could only know X.”
  3. “Wait - maybe I can know X?”


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What are fair dice?

You might have seen “trick dice” advertised in the back of a comic book, for instance, or you might have flipped a string of heads on a coin and thought your way into the Gambler’s Fallacy or an instinctive Bayesian sense that the coin is biased towards heads.

If you have studied statistics, you’ve encountered more mathematical ways to treat these human observational instinct nuovi broker opzioni binarie read more...

New overview video of the Die Roller

Thought I should post an update to the Die Roller project. It’s getting kind of useful and a lot of fun! If, you know, you’re into those sorts of things - games, statistics, computer vision, mechatronics, Fig Newtons.


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